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A Guide to Choosing the Best Quepos Billfishing Charters

It’s inarguable that many billfishing enthusiasts consider Quepos the “it” destination. With big game fish plenty and weather sunny almost year-round, it comes as no surprise that many vacationers are trooping to Quepos for billfishing moments of their lifetime. Wouldn’t be fantastic if you could get a billfishing charter that fits the bill?costa rica fishing

Quepos billfishing charters offer enthusiasts and vacationers alike a one-off chance to experience fishing at its best and also engage in leisure events such as breathtaking sightseeing. Here, charters came in various sizes, types, tastes and luxury status. There is always one that is right for you – complete with amenities tailored to your satisfaction. For a hassle free Quepos billfishing experience, I am going to walk you through a guide you need to consider when choosing a suitable charter.

Number of Participants

Charters are designed to take in a given number of people. Whether you’re venturing alone, with family or friends, it’s crucial that you have a good idea of the number of people accompanying you for the expedition. Besides making your booking easier, it also helps the operator select the perfect charter for your crew.

State of the Charter

Before selecting a charter, it’s imperative that you scrutinize its condition. Some charters are of a lower quality, and they are poised to ruin your Quepos billfishing experience. Take you time and choose a charter in an unquestionable state. Do more than internet searches, make a phone call. Read online reviews to get other vacationers’ experience with the said charter. Charter’s working condition is absolute to the success of your trip.

Know Your Fishing Method

Not every charter offers a particular billfishing style. Know your fishing technique first. Can your charter accommodate your fishing style? You will realize that most captains incline to a particular style. Select a charter based on specialty fishing styles that match your needs. To catch billfish, you need a charter that can handle wreck or offshore fishing.

Budget Well

As a rule of thumb, you need to budget well for your charter. Seek services of charters that offer all-inclusive packages. Most charters require that you pay crew, boat and captain fees when you book your trip. Typically, your Quepos billfishing needs and the size of the boat are the primary cost determinants. Plus, the duration of the expedition plays a critical role in determining the price.

Talk to the Captain

For an in-depth insight into the workings of your charter, engage the captain on a conversation. For starters, know whether the captain is trained, licensed or experienced on Quepos waters. Also, know their specialty and overall itinerary if they much your billfishing ambitions.