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Quepos FAD Fishing: The New “It” in Sports Fishing Industry


Are you looking to score a big game fish on your next fishing vacation? Quepos is undeniably one of the most sought for destinations reputable for unmatched sports fishing escapades. That in itself isn’t surprising. Quepos sits squarely in a spectacular marine region that includes seamounts and beautiful coral reefs teeming with diverse fauna and flora. What more can a fishing enthusiast fancy?Roosterfish Costa Rica

It is the 22nd century; if you are looking to garner a trophy catch in Quepos, mundane, traditional baiting methods are not going to cut it. Fish Attracting Devices, or FADs for short, are changing sports fishing industry in a whole new way. Quepos FAD fishing is a fun-filled and unexpectedly refreshing experience. Forget those bygone-era worms or unreliable bait fish; FADs are the ‘it’ in the fishing scene.

What is FAD Fishing?

FADs are artificial gadgets that attract myriad types of pelagic fish like yellowfin tuna, dolphinfish, marlin, and grouper among others. Typically, they comprise floats of buoys attached to the sea bed using hefty concrete blocks. In a good day in Quepos, over 250 species of fish gather around these objects.

So how does FADs enhance the fishing experience? In essence, fish are attracted to floating objects because they use them to spot favorable locations during mating. With that in mind, you can snag an opportunity to catch your fish when they are swimming around the FADs,

Why Quepos FAD Fishing

World’s Best Weather

Weather in Quepos is fishing-friendly almost year-round. Though it receives a short stint of wet period, the warm sunny days are predominant. Heck, Quepos could be the only place that offers nearly 100 days of bright, open skies in a row. Rain never stops fishing action here.

Variety of Fish

Quepos FAD fishing scene offers an unforgettable experience thanks to the large variety of species. Ranging from marlin, yellowfin tuna, and the grouper to billfish, Quepos is the place to be.

Fishing and More

Quepos offer more than fishing experience. The area is lush, welcoming and spirited during certain times of the year. Many people come here to enjoy the weather, take in the ambient atmosphere and enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer. While on fishing voyage, the turquoise waters dance rhythmically as if to tell your hectic lifestyle to move aside. Quepos is relaxing at its best.

Parting Word

Quepos fad fishing provides respite in a world full of neck-breaking fast schedules and harsh realities. When it comes to sports fishing you need a technique that is not only effective but also give world-class. FAD fishing is an undeniable answer.