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Quepos Marlin Fishing: What You Need To Know

When it comes to marlin fishing and all the sass, fun, and rush that go with it, Quepos presents an exhilarating experience like no other. So all anglers and fishing enthusiasts out there charge up your adrenaline; it’s about to go down! If you ask anyone familiar with goose-raising marlin fishing rendition, they will unquestionably acknowledge Quepos as the place to be. That in itself comes as no surprise as Quepos sits at the heart of what as been popularly called marlin’s turf. Besides, Quepos has been billed – not once but five times in a row – as the world’s best destination for sports fishing in general.Marlin Fishing Quepos
What is Marlin Fishing?
Perhaps it’s best to know the targeted hunt before embarking on what marlin fishing entails: marlin. Sometimes referred to as blue water fish, the marlin is an elegant saline water big gamer favourite fish that extends up to 13ft in length and weighs between 100 and 500 pounds. They call all principal high seas home – the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian oceans.
They are known to be challenging, relentless fighters making them some sort of Holy Grail among deep-sea fishing enthusiasts. What is all the hype about marlin fishing? For one, they are rarely spotted ashore; they prefer to wander far out at the high seas. Don’t let their docile-looking cobalt-blue top and silvery-white bottom fool you, the marlin don a lethal spike-like upper jaw.
Quepos Marlin Fishing Tips
Marlins are tactful, ingenious and vicious fish. They have perfected their stealth and hunting knack as well. You need to master their character and habits to snag them without much hassle.
Marlins are susceptible to trolling when they are hunting. They tag along schools of fish. When they have cornered the school, it’s not advisable to reel in your bait as the fish will get startled and scatter. Marlins are agile; they will disappear before you even blink.
Penetrating sun rays block marlins visibility. Don’t drop your bait when the sun is up ahead of the school.
Bonito baits are the most effective. Pass the hook through their eyes and they will survive longer increasing your chances of catching a trophy. Preserve half length of your reel as you may need it to wrestle this relentless fighter.
Why Quepos?
The question is why not Quepos. Quepos has it all – conducive waters, marlin food, and foremost tropical waters. For marlin fishing enthusiasts, Quepos is a slice of heaven. Charter boats are reliable, fancy, and affordable. There are reputable guides who will make fishing an unforgettable experience.
Marlin thrives well in warm waters, stringing along warm oceans currents for miles into the high seas. That is why Quepos tropical turquoise waters present a fishing ground like no other.