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Quepos Sailfishing

It is no doubt that Quepos, Costa Rica is a deep-sea fishing vacation paradise. With its many restaurants, hotels and shops, Quepos offers an array of accommodation facilities and fun activities. Combined with the marvels of Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos is arguably the best destination for anglers, holiday makers, couples and even families.

Quepos sailfishing is one of the most exciting fun activities one can indulge in when visiting Costa Rica. Besides sailfish, there other fish varieties found in the offshore waters including, Roosterfish, Dorado and even Marlin.

Sailfish are a great choice for inexperienced anglers because they are not too tricky to catch. During peak season, they are found in plenty in Quepos, Costa Rica. A couple of things make catching sailfish very exciting; once they are hooked they display a spectacular show as they jump up and down trying to remove the hook, the other exciting thing is that you will have to put up a spirited fight when you catch a sailfish. This is because they are known to be the fastest fish in the ocean and they will do anything possible to fight the hook.Sail Fish Tours Quepos Costa Rica

How do You Catch Sailfish?

There are a number of techniques used to catch sailfish but the most common technique is trolling. Sailfish are generally easy to spot since their huge distinct dorsal fin can be viewed behind a lure as it cuts through the water. Most people like to lure Sailfish using trolled rubber skirts. Medium sized bait fish is the most preferred bait for Sailfish. An average sailfish can weigh up to 50 lbs. This simply means that you should be prepared to struggle when attempting to catch one.

Due to their nature, it is advisable to always have an experienced guide when going for Quepos Sailfishing. The guide will help you know what to do before, during and after catching sailfish. Additionally, you will need proper fishing equipment and a charter boat to make your sailfishing trip exciting and one of a kind.

Just like any other type of fish, sailfish tend to be seasonal but Quepos Sailfishing is considered to be very consistent and you can catch sailfish almost every time you go out to fish. Be sure to catch at least one or two but in other occasions you can catch multiple sailfish using a single line.

The next time you think of going out on vacation or holiday consider Quepos sailfishing and have the moment of your life. You will never regret visiting Quepos, Costa Rica.